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Iron Oxide production begins when waste acid is pumped to a venturi scrubber where it is concentrated by hot gases from the spray roaster. The concentrated waste acid undergoes the following chemical reaction:

2 + 4H2O + O2 ? 2Fe2O3 + 8HCl

Iron Oxide is discharged from the bottom of the spray roaster while the hot HCl gases leave from the top.

The hot HCl gases pass through the venturi scrubber, and flow to the absorber. HCl is then absorbed preferentially in recirculated water from the scrubber to produce recycled hydrochloric acid. Exhaust gases are scrubbed before being discharged to the stack by the exhaust fan.

Normally, 1 - 1.5 pounds of iron oxide are produced from each gallon of waste acid processed. Iron oxide is produced in the form of hollow spherical granules, which when crushed, have sub-micron range primary particles.

American Iron Oxide Company (AMROX) is a joint venture partnership between International Steel Services, Inc. (ISSI) and Marubeni Corporation. AMROX specializes in acid recycling services, and the production of various grades of iron oxide for use in ferrite and colorant applications.

The first AMROX facility began providing acid recycling services in Allenport, Pennsylvania, USA in September 1995. This AMROX facility processes over 23 million gallons of waste acid per year, resulting in the production of over 15,000 tons per year of iron oxide. This facility incorporates a modified IROX / NKK purification system, enabling AMROX to produce high purity iron oxide with SiO
2 levels less than 100 PPM. The facility produces a very consistent quality iron oxide product since waste pickle liquor as feedstock is received from only two steel mill sources.

AMROX has recently added two new facilities located in Portage, Indiana and Rockport, Indiana. These facilities combined will produce over 60,000 tons of iron oxide per year. The Rockport facility will include a revolutionary solvent extraction process, enabling production of ultra-high purity iron oxide containing less than 400 PPM of combined contaminants (excluding chloride). AMROX is also developing several facilities outside the continental US. Additionally, ISSI (the parent company of AMROX) owns and operates the following acid recycling facilities: Re-Gen, Inc. (Warren, OH), MII (Burns Harbor, IN), SAMROX (Argentina), ISSI - France, and INDROX (India). ISSI also operates an acid recycling facility located in Monclova, Coahuila, Mexico.

AMROX is well positioned to service the current and future iron oxide supply and demand requirements in the global marketplace. AMROX is positioned to become the largest iron oxide producer in the USA, and possibly throughout the world. AMROX worldwide production capacity is expected to exceed 75,000 metric tons per year. AMROX understands the importance of meeting the needs of its clients, and is at the forefront of technological development. The technology utilized at the AMROX facilities will allow client's requirements to be satisfied well into the next century.


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